FAQs for Patients

FAQs for Patients

Who is eligible for TMS treatment?

You may be eligible if you:  are diagnosed with depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder or have a history of poor response to medications (failed at least one medication trial) or are intolerant of medications.

  • Have no implanted ferromagnetic devices, pacemaker or cochlear implants.
  • Have no metal in your head or eyes
  • Have no serious head injury in the past year
  • Have no history of seizures or epilepsy


How do I get TMS treatment at Synapse TMS?

You need a referral from your psychiatrist or your family physician.

What does the treatment cost?

TMS treatment is covered by the Saskatchewan provincial health insurance. Patients without the provincial health insurance coverage will be billed directly for the cost of their consultation, treatment and follow up and they will be issued a receipt for their TMS treatments.